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Diana has successfully treated people's emotional problems for almost thirty years. She uses a unique combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help people change their lifestyle for the better. Her focus is on the importance of life, of the right for everyone, to have a happy life, for each person to discover and enjoy their own natural gifts and abilities. And the fact is, that all of us are capable of so much more than we realise. 
"In my time as a therapist I has witnessed thousands of people experiencing amazing changes in their lives." 
Change your life TODAY!  
call 01438 832 957 for a free telephone consultation  
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Diana Parkinson Hertfordshire's foremost hypnotherapist & counsellor
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For reinvigorating a loving relationship, I use couple hypnosis, which, as well as being a lovely experience is so effective in bringing back the magic to your relationship. 
It is surprisingly easy to change your life, to be happy and in control of your own life. Within a very short period of time you can alter your habits of behaviour and create the lifestyle you desire. 
As a Relationship Expert, I have worked with probably every type of problem imaginable, although every person is unique so no two clients are ever the same. I use a unique combination of hypnotherapy, counselling & cbt to effect change. 
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Therapy is about understanding, making sense of our world. Often fear and anxiety prevent us from understanding why we are as we are. 
Therapy provides a safe space in which to explore your inner self, to gain understanding, and then to move into the present and look forward to the future.  
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Diana is a regular commentator & contributor on TV, radio and press, on relationship and health issues, in the UK and abroad. 
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